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Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Tampa Bay Twitter Campaign

I am doing a Twitter campaign project for a class in Engjnwering College at USF in Tampa, FL. Can you like and retweet my Tweet plz ❤ It’s for a project for engineering college.

Our plan is as follows


Nicole Calderine Amanda Kent Leah Michon Eliz Rodriguez Amera Sherman

Date: 10/26/202

EME 4390: Digital Identity Fall 2022

Social Media Campaign Research Report

Organization - Big Brothers and Sisters of Tampa Bay: @BBBS_TampaBay

Social Media Links:

• Website:

• Twitter:

• Facebook:

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• Linktree:

About the organization

Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Tampa Bay (BBBS Tampa Bay) is an organization that pairs two people, one “big” and one “little” together for the purposes of promoting growth and development within the littles. A big is an adult who volunteers to look after the littles. According to their website, in 2001 more than 2,100 littles were paired with bigs in Hillsborough County and 9 other surrounding counties, and they are expected to see that number grow to 2,600 in 2022.

Big Brothers and Sisters of Tampa Bay is partnered with many other local organizations such as Suncoast Credit Union, Raymond James Financials, Publix Supermarket Charities, and Big Brothers and Sisters of America.

To become a big, one must go through orientation training and pass extensive background checks. There are numerous ways to donate to or get involved with BBBS Tampa Bay, but one

of the coolest ways to donate is to get involved. You can also purchase a BBBS license plate for $25 at your local DMV office.

Big Brothers and Sisters of Tampa Bay offer multiple programs to suit individual needs. School- to-work is a program intended to promote high school graduation rates. Littles visit the workplace of their bigs once a month before returning to school to finish their day. While in the workplace, littles spend time learning post-graduation skills and enjoying lunch with corporate bigs. Bigs in blue is a program launched by the local Tampa police department where a police officer big joins their littles for lunch at school once a week. The program began to bridge the gap of understanding between law enforcement and communities. Another program, big future, is for college-aged littles seeking guidance in making positive career choices.

Analysis of the organization’s current social media presence

Big Brothers and Sisters of Tampa Bay’s social media presence is relevant. They consistently post on Twitter and even repost funny and relatable content. The links to their main social media accounts can be easily found at the top of their website. I was able to find their Facebook page by a Google search and have discovered that they have a much larger social following on Facebook. Their Instagram presence is greater than their Twitter presence but less than that of Facebook. They also have a YouTube channel that opens to a video story of a big and a little.

On their Instagram page, I was able to find their linktree which takes you to links to donate or get involved in multiple projects, events, and programs Big Brothers and Sisters of Tampa Bay is currently being promoted. Through linktree, one may also join the mailing list, view their amazon wish list, fill out a volunteer application or browse through job listings with Big Brothers and Sisters Tampa Bay.

For a smaller local organization with such a significant impact, its social media structure is perfect. They are a branch of Big Brothers and Sisters of America, the nation’s largest donor, and volunteer-supported mentoring network. The parent organization's social media presence is much broader.

Their website is designed very professionally and is easy to navigate with colors that contrast perfectly. For quickly locating and reading the main points. Another fun thing on their website is their blog page which consists of BBBS Tampa Bay news, and October conversation starters.

Recent, current, or upcoming events that could be emphasized on behalf of the organization

According to the big brother and big sister website, there are numerous opportunities to start the process of becoming a big brother or big sister. On the website, there are two virtual seminars on a weekly basis. The seminars are held to provide information to those interested in

participating in the program. After exploring their social media platforms, there is more information on fundraisers and upcoming events.

One event that has recently just passed was their corn hole chastity classic that just happened to happen October 15. According to their social media platforms, it seems like they constantly have events of this nature to raise money for Big Brother and Sister. Another event that is scheduled for the future is an opportunity to volunteer for the Gasparilla distance classic. This presents the opportunity for people that are part of the organization to support other local events.

Ideas on opportunities to visit, volunteer, utilize, or otherwise personally interact with the organization

Big brothers and big sisters have endless opportunities to visit volunteers and contribute to their organization. There are so many opportunities listed on their social media and on their website. Additionally, on their website, there’s information about physical addresses that can be visited to get more information, if the information online is not sufficient. This organization does a particularly excellent job of advertising these opportunities to the community. I also found it refreshing how the organization is very versatile and provides plenty of opportunities to engage. I also found it refreshing that there are virtual options to participate with big brother and sister.

What is your plan to build followers on your personal social media?

-post my account around campus

-use more hashtags to get my tweets out

-follow many of my classmates

-retweet different ideas that match mine

-I would post frequently

-respond and have conversations under posts

-have a regular time schedule

-follow and friend more people who I agree with and share interests with -share more posts that align with my beliefs

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What are best practices of social media campaigns and gaining social media interactions Describe how you intend to use this information to reach a large audience?

There are many distinct factors that social media campaigns need to be successful, such as but not limited to money, industries, and target audiences. However, there are a few simple factors that can help social media interactions be maximized.

- Identify: First and foremost, there needs to be a clear indication as to what are the goals that our social media campaign trying to achieve. Understanding the goals will allow any group to tailor a strategy for each organization.

- Research: Once goals and objectives are clearer, the necessary steps are to examine the audience and understand what different market strategies are most effective for the appropriate audiences.

- Create: After gathering the necessary research, creating appropriate content for your identified audience and goals. Appropriate content can vary with informing, entertaining, or just catching the eye. Developing appropriate content will allow it to resonate with the audience.

- Engage: To develop a social media standing, companies and organizations need to maintain active on all platforms. Not just posting but interacting with followers by sharing and creating interactive content allows for engagement to increase.

- Analyze: The final and most important is to sit back and acknowledge the highs and lows in the previous social media campaigns. Analyzing the pros and cons from your experiences allows for adjustments and creation of newer and more effective social media campaigns.

Conclusion: Describe how you would conduct a 10-day grassroots, ad-hoc social media campaign (one that you do on your own on behalf of the organization without them knowing you were doing it – like a surprise for them). Make sure you outline the steps and timeline.

I suggest doing a 10-day ad campaign featuring different statistics and ways that the community has benefitted from the organization. This would involve posting different information and resources regarding the organization, as well as promoting their events and adding ways that anyone can get involved in the organization

Day 1: Talk about what the organization is and how it affects the community Day 2: Talk about different programs that the organization has done

Day 3: Mention a past event they have done and why it is important

Day 4: Mention a specific person/group that has been especially helped by the organization Day 5: Talk about school-to-work program

Day 6: Talk about Bigs in Blue / Bigs with Badges

Day 7: Talk about Big Futures program

Day 8: Talk about upcoming event

Day 9: Talk about upcoming event

Day 10: Talk about upcoming event / Thank the organization for the opportunity