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Apauruseya - An EP by Amanda PLZ

Shouts out to all my fans !! Be on the lookout for my debut EP to be released on ill.Gates Producer Dojo label in 2020. The EP is titled Apaurseya, which is translated in Sanskrit into “Not coming from man, super human, or of divine origin.”

My Extended Play, ”EP,” starts with a dup step remix to an ancient Hindu Mantra. Find yourself dancing in flow state in a sea of Oms.

The second song, Beetles, is a trap anthem. With deep sub bass & floaty highs that buzz like the bees. If you know, you know.

Running up on the list we have “Purple“ & it’s Hazy with futuristic wubz that are sure to carry your feet closer to the woofers. Jimi would be proud.

The 4th & finale song on Apauruseya , Waltzing Through The Forest, is a collaborative effort with my friends whom we call ourselves, The Knights of The Bass Table. We are a continually growing collective of collaborative musical artists. This song was orchestrated with Spirit of The Suwannee in mind. This is just a flavor flave of what The Knights of The Bass Table are bringing for ‘The Last Supper.’ Stay Tuned.

With all of the hype building up for my release, I have much to do !!

Continually check to be on the lookout for the opening of my online store !! I am having Amanda PLZ T-Shirts & hat pins made with my Ajna Third Eye Panda Bear logo. Also in touch with Grassroots & a few other companies to have hats & other goody merchandise crafted for all of you. Anticipate to find hand crafted organite & other magical accessories in the very near future as well !

If you are like me & like to be ahead of the game... go follow my on my socials right now ! You can find links at the top of this page.

Follow me on iTunes & Spotify to be the first to hear Apauruseya when it is released !! This is my life work & I am so proud <3

I could not have done it without each and every single one of you .

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